Writing fiction – Heroes and Characters

Here are a couple of central ideas from some of the recommended books on creative writing. A hero is not Spiderman or the fireman who saves a child, or your favorite football player. A hero, in storytelling, is the story’s central character, who goes on a real life – or mental, or spiritual – journey,Continue reading “Writing fiction – Heroes and Characters”

Julia on Writing Fiction #2

  Can you find someone to help you with your writing? Absolutely. Get on the internet and find out if there are writers’ groups meeting in your location, or online groups that fit your needs. Ask at your local public library. Read writers’ blogs such as http://hannahheath-writer.blogspot.com http://www.aerogrammestudio.com/2013/07/14/ssarah-waters-ten-rules-for-writing-fiction/ http://copywriter.typepad.com/copywriter/ http://sherrylclark.blogspot.com.au/ Some writers’ groups and communityContinue reading “Julia on Writing Fiction #2”

Julia on Writing Fiction #1

First a word on writers and authors. A writer is someone who writes—novels, plays, poems, short stories, or a blog. J K Rowling is a writer. She is the author of the ‘Harry Potter’ books. William Shakespeare was a writer. He is the author of many plays and poems. So you’re not an author. You’reContinue reading “Julia on Writing Fiction #1”