Khan Sharif Chronicles – Young Adult Fiction’s new home.

        Boy on bike courtesy dreamstime_s_55413894.jpg

Meet the students of Khan Sharif International High School, Gulistan, Central Asia.

Ordinary teens who go to classes, hang out, fight, make up, fall in love, deal with the bullies, play sport and produce awesome end-of-year school dramas.


Follow them back in time as they unearth the secrets of Khan Sharif’s Old City.


Hike with Joel and his team to the Base Camp of mighty Mt Malik Majid in the Northern Border Mountains.

© Nataliia Dubchak Dreamstime.com


Ride with Connor, David and Alex on Alexander the Great’s invasion route through Central Asia.


Enter a refugee camp with Mouse – schoolgirl Monday through Friday, paramedic on Saturday – and prepare for drama when four wounded rebel fighters turn up, demanding a real doctor. Can Mouse calm these angry men, and deal with their wounds?


Zachary’s family are hiding little Amir from the police, after his father killed a man. But the police are closing in, wanting Amir as bait to catch the killer. Zachary and his Dad set out on a desperate road trip to take Amir home to his mountain village and safety. Can they outwit the police?

ID 94199816 © Ilkin Guliyev Dreamstime

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